When will it stop? Will I get better? Do I want to live? Do I need Counseling? These are questions that many of us every now and again ask ourselves. None of us are immune from life’s problems. Maybe you are having marital, family or work-related difficulties. Possibly you are experiencing medical, financial or legal concerns. You may be struggling with an addiction to gambling, alcohol or other drug use. Maybe you are experiencing pain, depression, anxiety or a sense of emptiness or worthlessness.

When confronted with a problem most of us will try to deal with it on our own or with the aid of family and friends. For more complex or enduring problems it is often helpful to consult with a trained professional who is able to guide you in the most effective ways of dealing with any problem. Most of us don’t hesitate to consult a physician when we have a medical concern or a mechanic when our car needs work. It helps to think of consulting a qualified and experienced counselor in the same way.  I am here for both male and female victims, young and adults. My purpose of being A Helping Hand is the sole importance of helping others face their emotional and life issues and use their voice. I have experienced simular abuse for many years. I did not have anyone to help me to use my voice. I had to get through the turmoil in my life on my own. And now I am here to help. I created this site for those who are not comfortable going to a Physchiatrists/Counselors office which may make you feel confined and helpless. I created this for your comfort. You are in the comfort of your own home with out the pressures of an office.
If you are in need of HELP I urge you to call.."YOU ARE NOT ALONE" You have my friendly & understanding voice on the other end to help.

 “I’m here”


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